Nabu brooches


The Nabu brooches are beautiful statement pieces, inspired by the Cosmos. Each brooch is unique in shape and pattern, an eye-catching accessory to a plain top or jacket.

A coloured circle is firstly cast in ivory white resin. Once cured, the piece is formed to shape on a belt sander, and then hand sanded through the grades to a smooth finish. The polka dots are finally drilled and meticulously inlaid one by one. The surface is again hand sanded.

The back is Sterling silver fitted with a secure closing clasp.

The Nabu brooches are smooth and tactile pieces, a striking accessory to compliment a plain top, a stylish coat or jacket.

Dimensions: appr. 4 x 4.5cm

Delivered in a silver embossed Tiki box.

Please note that each piece is individually handmade therefore shapes and patterns might differ from photographs.

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