Disc Bracelet in Teal Blue and Mustard Green


The Disc bracelet is a sculptural piece of contemporary jewellery.

The design consist of a Teal Blue circular shape ornate with Mustard Green triangles, which are inlayed with decorative Teal Blue lines. 

It can be fitted at the top of the forearm, its flat side against the body make it a sophisticated, unique and comfortable jewel to be worn.


Inner Diameter: appr. 6.3 cm

Disc full Diameter: appr. 11.8 cm

Width: appr. 1.1 cm

Please note that each Tiki design is a handmade one-off and the patterns will vary from the photographs. You can rest assured that your piece is unique.

If any of my designs are unavailable, I can make to order. This will take 2 to 3 weeks. Please email me to request.

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