Loulou Ring


Inspired by Art Deco Bakelite jewellery, the Loulou ring is a beautiful statement piece cast in vibrant colours. Each ring is carefully cast and finished by hand from end to finish.

A choice of bespoke colours: Acid Yellow, Speckled Pink, Bubblegum, Speckled Teal, Turquoise, Charcoal Black, Speckled Grey, Ivory White 

Available in 7 (approximative) diameters 

1.55cm / J

1.6cm / K

1.65cm / L

1.7cm / M

1.75cm / N-O

1.8cm / P

1.85cm / Q

1.9m / R

Please note, all rings are handmade, colours might slightly differ from photographs and light marking might occur during casting assuring you that your piece is unique.