Loulou Ring


Inspired by Art Deco Bakelite jewellery, the Loulou ring is a beautiful statement piece cast in vibrant colours. The design has a Deco style ribbed symmetrical profile, with a contoured tactile front and a flat reverse.

A choice of bespoke colours: Acid Yellow, Bubblegum Pink, Turquoise, Charcoal Black, Speckled Grey and Ivory White.

Available in 7 approximate diameters 

1.55cm / J

1.6cm / K

1.65cm / L

1.7cm / M

1.75cm / N-O

1.8cm / P

1.85cm / Q

Please note that all rings are carefully cast and finished by hand, from end to finish. Pigments are mixed to create bespoke shades therefore colours might slightly differ from photographs and light marking might occur during casting assuring you that your piece is unique. 

Delivered in a silver embossed Tiki box.

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