Lunula Slim Bracelet

£52.00 £65.00

Lunula Collection

The Lunula collection is inspired by circular forms and half-moon shapes. The design consists of a half-half pattern, one half in solid colour, the other ornate with irregular, contrasting lines.

This slim Lunula bracelet is slightly oval. It is made from two parts, one is cherry red, the other in jet black, ornate with cherry red stripes.
It was cast, sanded and polished, all by hand.

Diameter: 6.6 x 6 cm

Width: appr.1.5 cm

Comes wrapped in a handprinted TIKI gift pouch. **Free shipping**

Please note that each Tiki design is a handmade one-off and the patterns will vary from the photographs. You can rest assured that your piece is unique.

If any of my designs are unavailable, I can make to order. This will take 2 to 3 weeks. Please email me to request.


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