Zazou stud earrings


Zazou Collection

Inspired by the Parisian Zazou subculture of the 1940s, this collection plays with blocks of vibrant colours interspersed with bold stripes, producing geometric and asymmetric designs in abstract motifs.

The Zazou stud earrings are made from olive green resin which has been ornate with black cross hatches.
Cast, sanded, polished, all by hand.
Fitted with sterling silver studs.

Diameter: appr. 0.4" ( 1.1cm )
Depth: appr. 0.23" ( 0.6 cm )

Comes in a hand stamped TIKI pouch.

Please note that each Tiki design is a handmade one-off and the patterns will vary from the photographs. You can rest assured that your piece is unique.

If any of my designs are unavailable, I can make to order. This will take 2 to 3 weeks. Please email me to request.

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