MADE exhibition at YSP

Cécile Gilbert

Each year, the amazing Yorkshire Sculpture Park select a number of designer-makers to celebrate British contemporary jewellery. I am delighted to have my work on display until October.

Recently I was able to experience my first visit there. It is an impressive and  immense place where you can get lost for hours. I had never seen sculptures in such big scales and I was lucky enough to enjoy them under a glorious sunshine.

At the end of our visit, I managed a quick stop into the gallery and had a look at my jewellery. I was very pleased to see my work in the best company, mostly plastic based jewellers. Among them, Quercus Silver (Su Trindle), Emily Kidson, Amber Cooper Green, Sue Gregor, etc...

Here a few images of my visit :)


"Charity" by Damien Hirst

Charity by Damien Hirst, at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park


"Spindle" by Henry Moore

Spindle by Henry Moore, displayed at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park


"Love" by Robert Indiana (with my skateboarding loving son)

Love by Robert Indiana


Beautiful views from YSP

View at the YSP with a glimpse at Damien Hirst, Virgin Mother.


Having a little peek at my work and others at the gallery 

Having a look at my jewellery on display at YSP


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