About Me

Tiki by Cécile Gilbert


Originally from France, I am a self-taught designer-maker living and working in Brighton, UK. I launched Tiki in 2012.

My main medium is polyester resin, which I combine with oxidised sterling silver.

Inspired by Bakelite jewellery and designs of the 1920s and 30s, I have created a range of contemporary jewellery that reflects those qualities, whilst adding a 21st century sophistication.

Through the years I have developed cutout and recasting techniques which allow me to play with geometric shapes and abstracts motifs. Bangles are chunky, necklaces bold and earrings eye catching. All are cast in strong colours and finished to a lustrous shine. I currently work within a tight palette of deep red, olive green, teal blue and black. I mix my own pigments to get the exact hue and shade.

I have three collections:

The Luxor collection

Taking its inspiration from Ancient Egypt and the Art Deco movement, this collection comprises striking bracelets, reversible necklaces and sharp drop earrings. With its lozenge shape, Luxor offers real statement pieces, displaying diamondesque and polka dot facets.

The Zazou collection

Inspired by the 1940s Parisian subculture of the same name. Chunky bangles and slim bracelets, ornate with blocks of vibrant colours and interspersed with bold stripes. The reversible necklaces and circular drop earrings take on geometric and asymmetric designs.

The Lunula collection

For these pieces I play with circular forms and half-moon shapes. My designs consist of a half-half pattern, one half in solid colour, the other ornate with irregular, contrasting lines.

Each Tiki piece is entirely made by myself, from original moulds, through casting, sanding and polishing to the application of sterling silver fitments.

For wholesale enquiries, please email me in order to obtain a price list.