Tiki Designs

Lunula Bracelets - White Reversed


These Lunulas are very lightweight and tactile bracelets They are handmade in 2 halves, one is cast plain in a vibrant bespoke colour, the other is white and meticulously inlaid with minimalist coloured stripes. They are hand sanded and finished to a smooth matt.

With their fresh colour combinations and clean lines, they are perfect accessories to a spring and summer wardrobe.

A choice of 4 bespoke colours: Tangerine, Teal, Lime and Jet Black

 Available in 4 sizes:   X.Small 5.8 cm   Small 6.5cm   Medium 7cm   Large 7.2cm

Delivered wrapped in a Tiki printed pouch.

Please note that each Tiki piece is handmade therefore patterns might differ from photographs assuring you that your bracelet is unique.

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