Luxor bracelets


Inspired by Art Deco jewellery, the Luxor bracelet is a beautiful sculptural statement piece. It is a show-stopping accessory that will make any outfit stand out.

It is cast in a vibrant coloured resin and embellished with a “Sun Ray” style design in Ivory White. 

A choice of 4 bespoke colours: Lime, Teal, Tangerine, Black

Each stage of casting, cutting and sanding was done by hand.

Available in 3 diameters:

Small: appr. 6.3 cm    Medium: appr. 6.8 cm    Large: appr. 7.2 cm

Delivered in a Tiki gift box, ready to offer.

Please note that each Tiki design is a handmade one-off and the patterns will vary from the photographs. You can rest assured that your piece is unique.

If any of my designs are unavailable, I can make to order. This will take 1 to 2 weeks. Please email me to request.

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